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Guided to adults, children and geriatric population

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psycho-social Rehabilitation Services train, empower and educate the client on activities of daily living necessary to maintain an independent and integrated living in the community. Training in areas of basic living skills such as budgeting, shopping, cleaning, hygiene, safety, coping skills, healthy living, and symptom management. The social rehabilitation teaches skills that include conflict resolution, community awareness and development of a support system. Client’s interaction with peers and Facilitator enhances the person’s recovery and wellness.

Psychiatric Medical Services

Psychiatric Medical Services are administered by the psychiatric and nursing staff. Services include client evaluation and assessment, medication management and ongoing consultation. These services are designed to help clients achieve and maintain mental and emotional stability.

Family & Group Therapy

Family Therapy focuses on relationships within the family unit. It may be the primary focus of treatment, or it could be used as a supplement to individual therapy. In family therapy, the family is seen as a “whole” system rather than just the sum of its individual members. Family therapy helps to identify the ways that relationship and individual problems are caused and maintained by the family dynamics. Group Therapy members are encouraged to provide feedback to other group members. Feedback includes expressing their own feelings about what someone says or does. The interaction between group members is highly encouraged and provides each member the opportunity to try out new ways of behaving; it also provides members with an opportunity for learning more about the way they interact with others.

Individual & Couples Therapy

Individual therapy is a process of self-exploration and understanding. Sessions are facilitated by a specially trained Mental Health clinician at the CBHC or at client’s home. The purpose of individual therapy is to provide the client with the safe environment in which better to understand and examine various aspects of his/her life and learn how to build new and healthier relationships. Couples Therapy focuses on the problems existing in the relationship between two people. Assessing the relationship conflicts and how each individual contributes to the perpetuation of the problem. In couple’s therapy, the therapist helps the couple identify the conflict issues and decide what changes are needed, in the relationship and the behavior of each partner, in order for both to feel satisfied with the relationship.

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Adults, children and geriatric population
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